7 Ways To Care For Your New Puppy

Playful Puppy Dog

So you’ve decided to bring home a brand new Puppy Dog! A new addition to the family. We at pets are therapy are animal lovers and we were just as exited when we brought home our little bundle of joy!
I’m pretty sure you did all the research and everything you could to prepare the house and your family for the new arrival. You decided on the kind of breed, male or female, bog or small dog, it’s all very exiting!

1. Sleeping Area and a Place for Play time
It’s very important to set up an area where your new Puppy can safely settle in and get used to their new home. If you already have a dog or a cat, make sure to introduce them slowly and involve them in this adaptation phase. Also make sure to prepare a cosy Dog Bed in a safe corner where they can rest and sleep during this time. Some Dog Toys will help the process along. Cloud Reversible Bed

2. Puppy Toilet Training
As soon as the puppy has settled in, you should start toilet training. This takes time and lots of patience, and to make this process as efficient as possible, you will have to use a process called: “positive reinforcement training”. You have to select an area where you want the puppy to go to the toilet, make sure it has easy access, then reward your puppy every time it uses the toilet area.
You can do this by giving it a doggy treat, using a friendly tone of voice and by petting. Your puppy will soon associate pets and treats when it uses the designated toilet area. Foldable Pooper Scooper

3. Health Care For Puppies
Always make sure you get your puppy from a reputable breeder, Pet store or animal shelter. This way you can be assured of a healthy dog and making sure it has been vaccinated, de-sexed and microchipped. Always chat with your local vet to make sure it gets the right treatment, and to check whether it has been microchipped and vaccinated.

De-sexing is especially important if you don’t want unwanted pregnancies and your dog will be less likely to wander or fight over territory with other dogs in your community. Training Aids
Make sure to update your contact details so that the microchip is up to date, just in case your little puppy gets lost.

4. Training and Socializing your Puppy
The sooner you start socializing and training your puppy the better, so your puppy can find it’s place in the family which will give it a sense of belonging. exposing your little dog to different environments such as parks, traffic situations and other people will positively influence it’s behaviour in adulthood. There are plenty of Dog Training Classes available which can help the process along. It will also give the pup a chance to socialize with other dogs in a controlled environment. Training and socializing puppies should always be positive reinforcement and never with physical punishment. This can cause behavioural problems later in life. Pet Accessories

5. Exercising Puppies
Exercising your little dog is extremely important part of it’s daily routine, it’s often their fav part of the day and they will look forward to going out with you for a walk. Exercise is of course good for their health and it’s a perfect opportunity for your dog to socialize with other dogs. Bringing Dog Toys to the park or beach will make make it even more fun. Dog Walking, Automatic Outdoor Dog Water Fountain

6. Nutrition For Puppies
It’s essential that you provide a nutritious diet for your little dog and there are good quality commercial puppy dog foods available that’s appropriate for it’s life stage. Always provide fresh clean water on a daily basis, especially if it eats dry foods. It’s also a good if you give your little dog a little fresh meat on a regular basis, so it can get used to eating and digesting it. Portable Pet Water Bottle, Boavista Pet Bowl

7. Puppy Is Home Alone
Sooner or later puppy’s parents will have to go to work. So what to do when your dog is home alone. Dogs and especially puppies need a lot of attention. They are social animals and they don’t care for being alone. It’s best to make this a gradual process to avoid anxiety and stress. You could reward it with a doggie treat and play time upon returning so the dog will understand that you will always come back and has a treat or play time to look forward to.

Always provide puppy with a warm cosy Dog Bed and some toys to play with while you’re gone. It will help to rotate the toys so that it won’t get bored. Pet Toys
Dogs are loyal social creatures and they will love you to death. They will protect you and your family without question. Pet Accessories

Life’s good with pets!!

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